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When you bring your vehicle to Auto Fit, you will be free of all the headaches associated with managing your insurance claim. Our rigorous customer service standards, the quality of our work meet the standards of excellence required by your insurance company.


Let us handle all the paperwork and details with your insurer to facilitate your claim settlement. Allowing us to accelerate the settlement process while you go about your business with peace of mind!


It’s a Question of trust…
One of these practices concerns the deductible, which is the amount that you are responsible for paying when we deliver your vehicle.
The deductible is part of the cost of repairs that has been established to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, as stipulated in your insurance policy. It is the amount that you have agreed to pay in order to keep your premium at a reasonable level: the higher your deductible, the lower your premium.


Always looking to perform quality work in a timely manner, we have developed an effective work method.

Here are the different stages of a ˵typical˶ repair. Naturally, those steps can change depending on the extent of the damages on your vehicle.

Initially, an estimator makes a damage assessment on the vehicle in order to evaluate the cost of repairs to bring it back to its pre-accident condition. This estimate will include labour, parts and materials. Once the estimate has been completed, we will submit it for approval to the insurance company.
The estimate is given to the technician who has been assigned to repair the vehicle. In most cases, parts are ordered before repairs begin. The damaged parts are dismantled and a list that details all hidden damages is prepared for the customer service representative.
If additional damages have been found, the customer service representative will adjust the estimate to include the new cost of repair and return it to the insurance company. The vehicle owner will be informed of developments. Additional parts will often be ordered following the revision of the estimate.
If damages to internal structure of the vehicle are detected, they will be repaired on a platform.
After the vehicle is removed from the platform, repairs to the body & replacement of parts are done.
All the body panels requiring painting and polishing are carefully prepared. The exterior finish is applied in a spray booth. The vehicle is then polished as needed to reach the original finish and texture.
The vehicle returns to have parts such as door handles and mouldings reinstalled.
In addition to body repairs, it is possible that mechanical parts have been damaged. All mechanical repairs requiring work from a specialist, such as replacing air bags, are undertaken at this point.
The vehicle is carefully washed inside and out.
The customer is kept informed throughout the repair process and is informed as soon as possible to the date when he can take possession of the vehicle.
The customer service representative gives him the invoice stating that the cheque from the insurance and the deducible is paid. The customer takes possession of his vehicle.

Collision repair

body shop


Painting your fingernails is easy: With a single stroke of a brush, your nails have the desired color. The process is more complicated with cars. Automotive paint is not delivered as a finished end product. The paint does not acquire its properties until the various coats have been applied one after the other under precisely defined conditions. That is why for automotive coatings, the application process is especially important. All of the layers together are just a tenth of a millimetre thick – making them no thicker than a human hair. Yet the paint still has to be resistant to high stresses. For years, it will be exposed to rain and UV radiation, heat and cold, gravel from the road and the brushes at the car wash. Even our daily use can make demands on the paint, if we close the doors quickly, for example.

Achieving Success Coat by Coat

To ensure that the car survives these stresses Sherwin Williams quality paint offers innovative technologies and solutions for all four layers, from the e-coat to the primer, the basecoat and finally the clear coat.

Color Experts

Practically no other factor determines the effect of a car the way its color does. Color is what turns vehicles into emotional products. Automakers can reinforce their brand profile with distinctive colors – and in OEM, number 1 in color-related matters, they have the best partner. Our range of services includes more than just painting the body. With the utmost precision, we ensure that plastic add-on parts such as the side-view mirrors and other parts, receive the coating that exactly matches that of the car body. Although the parts are usually manufacturered at different locations, we guarantee perfect color harmonization.

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